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July 1, 2020

Hello and welcome to Sartorial Mess - my little corner of the internet devoted to stylish living with a chronic illness.  My name is Stephen and back in 1997 I underwent emergency surgery for what was later diagnosed as Crohn's Disease (otherwise known as a form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease - IBD).  Subsequently, in 2013, my sense of style also underwent emergency surgery when I discovered the remarkably diverse (and eminently fascinating) world of classic men's style.  Now, I will be the first to admit that chronic illness and classic men's style are not immediately the most obvious pairing but allow me to explain my rationale.


From personal experience, living with a frequently debilitating chronic illness can play merry hell with many aspects of one's life.  Of particular note is the unavoidable/ongoing battle with negative self image.  However, through studying, experimenting and applying various aspects of classic men's style into my daily life, I have managed to create a more positive self image - one that directly affects how I live with a chronic illness.  For me, a component part of feeling good, is looking good.  And yes, I will admit that my fragile male ego enjoys getting compliments on how I dress, the fragrance I wear or how I conduct myself in public.  Therefore, it is my sincere wish that this website, by way of incorporating classic men's style in their lives, will help others reap the myriad benefits of stylish living with a chronic illness.


The beginning of my exciting  misadventures with Crohn's Disease:



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I am not - repeat NOT a Doctor.  The information contained on this website is based on my personal observations, experiences, opinions, theories and coping strategies of living with Crohn's Disease and is in no way a substitute for proper medical advice from a suitably qualified medical practitioner.  If you have concerns regarding - or are in doubt about - your health, always contact your GP. And remember, what works for one person with IBD may not work for another!!!

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